ADEA AADSAS Application Instructions

Education Information

This section includes secondary (high) school, college(s) attended, coursework and DAT scores. Applicants cannot revise this section after e-submitting the ADEA AADSAS application. However, newly completed courses may be added during the Academic Update period.

Secondary (High) School Information: Collected information includes identification of high school and dates attended. Transcripts are not accepted.

Colleges Attended: Collected information includes identification of all undergraduate, graduate and professional institutions attended or plan to attend. Enter each institution only once, regardless of the number of degrees earned or gaps in the dates of attendance. It is required to report all post-secondary colleges. Applicants who indicate they attended a dental school and received actual credits from that institution must enter the school in the College Attended section and submit an official transcript to ADEA AADSAS. ADEA AADSAS applicants using a re-applicant account may have to list an institution more than once to update completed coursework from the previous cycle.

Select which institution is the Primary Undergraduate or Graduate institution attended. Below describes a list of criteria to use to identify Primary Undergraduate or Primary Graduate College:

  • The Primary Undergraduate College is the college or university where the applicant will or have earned the first bachelor's degree.
  • Primary Graduate College is the college or university where the applicant will or have earned the first master's or doctoral degree.
  • For other category, if an applicant will earn multiple degrees at the same level, select the most recent degree.

The primary college will be highlighted on the Holistic Coversheet. Please see the Holistic Coversheet section for more details.

Transcripts: ADEA AADSAS requires a separate official transcript from each institution attended, including branch campuses if they issue transcripts separately from the parent university. All transcripts must arrive at the ADEA AADSAS Transcript Processing Department by the application deadline dates of designated schools.

  • U.S. and Canadian Institutions Arrange for a sealed official transcript, accompanied by an ADEA AADSAS Transcript Request Form, to be sent directly to the ADEA AADSAS Transcript Processing Department from every institution attended. ADEA AADSAS prefers all transcripts to be sent directly from the issuing institution as an original, official document.
    • For every college or university indicated, a Transcript Request Form will be generated. This form enables ADEA AADSAS to digitally match each school transcript to the correct application. Failure to include this form with transcripts may increase the processing time of the documents once they arrive at ADEA AADSAS.
    • Canadian transcripts written in French must be submitted according to the international (foreign) transcript requirements.
    • Send transcripts for all colleges and universities attended regardless of whether course credit transferred to another college or university and appears on that transcript.
    • Arrange for the ADEA AADSAS Transcript Processing Department to receive all official transcripts by the designated dental schools‟ application deadlines.
    • Re-applicants must submit new transcripts if new coursework has been added.
    • In rare circumstances when institutions will not send transcripts directly to a third-party organization, an issued-to-student transcript will be accepted by ADEA AADSAS only if it is marked with one of the following: Name and Address Only, Send to, Issued to Student in a sealed envelope, Record of, or ADEA AADSAS.
    • In order for an application to be complete, ADEA AADSAS must have received all transcripts. Transcripts must be sent to:
      ADEA AADSAS Transcripts Processing Department
      P.O. Box 9110
      Watertown, MA 02471

Tip: To properly complete the coursework section of the application, applicants should obtain a personal copy of each college-level transcript for their records.

  • International Transcripts
    Applicants are required to submit transcripts from every international college or university attended. ADEA AADSAS also encourages international applicants to submit a copy of any evaluation of international coursework that has been completed by an official credential evaluation service. ADEA recommends applicants use World Education Services ( or Educational Credential Evaluators ( ADEA AADSAS does not verify coursework and does not use grades from international transcripts in computing ADEA AADSAS GPAs.

    All transcripts and transcript evaluations should be sent to:
    ADEA AADSAS Transcripts Processing Department
    P.O. Box 9110
    Watertown, MA 02471