ADEA AADSAS Application Instructions


ADEA AADSAS requires applicants to list every class taken at every post-secondary institution attended. Coursework allows dental schools to more comprehensively evaluate applicants with quarter and semester grades, transcript grading systems using and not using a plus/minus system, and overall GPAs for applicants with transcripts from multiple institutions.

  • Collected information includes data from all individual coursework taken at a post-secondary institution, including courses that are withdrawn, repeated courses, undergraduate labs, test credit, or other non-graded courses.
  • ADEA AADSAS verifies self-reported courses against official transcripts. Failure to properly enter all coursework may result in processing delays.
  • For each institution listed, an applicant must include coursework by session and term type.
    • Session: Period of time taking a course (e.g., fall semester 2012).
    • Term Type: Individual class taken in a particular session (e.g., Biology 150).
  • ADEA AADSAS requires applicants to include all recorded attempts at a course, even if an institution has a forgiveness policy. When indicating the special classifications for courses (see list below), list all attempts as a repeated course.
  • All U.S. and Canadian coursework must be listed. Foreign coursework cannot be listed, but transcripts from foreign schools must still be evaluated and sent to ADEA AADSAS.
  • Transfer coursework should only be listed under the original institution where the course was taken, and in some cases, the specific campus where it was taken.
  • Coursework classifications include: Undergraduate (courses taken prior to earning first bachelor‟s degree), Post-baccalaureate (undergraduate level courses taken after first bachelor degree is earned) Graduate (master‟s degree-level work) and Professional (coursework classified as certificate-level work or coursework taken in pursuit of a degree higher than a master‟s degree).
  • Course subjects:
    • Applicants should use their best judgement to classify courses as English/Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Other Science (sciences other than biology, chemistry, physics), or Non-Science. Review the Subject Course fact sheetPDF for guidance.

      Tip: A non-science class that has an intense focus in a science field would be classified as Non-Science.
  • Special classifications: Indicate if the course has any special classifications designations. Select not applicable if the course does not have a special classification. Special classifications include:
    • Repeated Course. Any course attempted more than once. Do not indicate it for the first attempt. If the course could be categorized under two classifications, “Repeat” should be selected.
    • Incomplete. Any course for which the applicant did not receive a final grade or Pass/Fail status.
    • Distance Learning/Online Course.
    • Honors.
    • Study Abroad.
    • Advanced Placement/College Level Examination Program (CLEP).
    • International Baccalaureate.
    • Credit by Institutional/Departmental Exam.
    • In progress and planned.
  • Some college transcripts report numeric grades rather than alpha (letter) grades. To access the conversion scale, refer to the key provided by the institution either on the front or back of the transcript. If the transcript does not provide a conversion scale, use the conversion scales below.

Non-traditional Coursework
Military credit: Military coursework is only accepted if an applicant is officially enrolled in a college/university. For more information contact ADEA AADSAS Customer Service.

Grade Conversion — Table 1

Grade on Transcript
(No alpha grade key on transcript)
ADEA AADSAS Grade and Value
>100 A+ (4.33)
100–90 A (4.0)
89–80 B (3.0)
79–70 C (2.0)
69–60 D (1.0)
<60 F (0.0)

Grade Conversion — Table 2

Grade on Transcript
(No alpha grade key on transcript)
ADEA AADSAS Grade and Value
Quality Points Assigned
>4.0 A+ (4.33)
4.00–3.80 A (4.0)
3.79–3.60 A– (3.667)
3.59–3.40 AB (3.5)
3.39–3.10 B+ (3.333)
3.09–2.80 B (3.0)
2.79–2.60 B– (2.667)
2.59–2.40 BC (2.333)
2.39–2.10 C+ (2.333)
2.09–1.80 C (2.0)
1.79–1.60 C– (1.667)
1.59–1.40 CD (1.5)
1.39–1.10 D+ (1.333)
1.09–0.80 D (1.0)
0.79–0.60 D (1.0)
0.59–0.40 DE (0.5)
Less than or equal to 0.39 F (0.0)
Non–graded courses
(e.g. PASS/FAIL, Satisfactory)
Select NONE


Verification refers to matching the courses on official transcripts with the courses entered in the Coursework section of the ADEA AADSAS application.

ADEA AADSAS Coursework Entry Service

If applicants do not wish to enter all of the coursework themselves, ADEA’s technology partner, Liaison International, Inc. now offers all applicants the option to have coursework professionally entered on their behalf by their specialists for an additional fee. Liaison’s coursework entry staff is available to enter U.S. undergraduate, graduate, post-baccalaureate, and doctorate coursework. Given the nature of professional, non-U.S./foreign, and planned/in-progress coursework, this work is not eligible for coursework entry and must be entered by the applicant. If the applicant would like to take advantage of the Liaison International, Inc. ADEA AADSAS’ coursework entry service, please review the details below:

Coursework Entry Fees

The cost for Liaison International, Inc. ADEA AADSAS’ coursework entry service is $50 for 1-2 transcripts and $100 for 3 transcripts or more.

Please note this is a new service by ADEA’s partner, Liaison International, Inc. and these fees are used for this service only.  This fee is separate from the 2016 ADEA AADSAS application which is $245 for the first dental school and $93 for each designation.

Coursework entry fees are non-refundable once paid.  If you opt not to apply through ADEA AADSAS after having the coursework entry process completed, no refunds can be provided.

Credit Card Disputes/Chargebacks

ADEA AADSAS will assess a service charge of $25.00 for credit card chargebacks. Applicants will be instructed to pay the coursework entry fee and service charge within 10-business days. If you do not comply, ADEA AADSAS will stop the processing of your application and notify your designated dental schools.

The Coursework Entry Service Process

To apply for Liaison International, Inc. ADEA AADSAS’ coursework entry service, please follow the steps below:

  • Start the ADEA AADSAS Application
    Create a 2015 ADEA AADSAS application and applicants will be given an ADEA AADSAS ID number.
  • List All Institutions Attended
    Report All Institutions applicants have received college-level credit from, including post baccalaureate, graduate, and professional institutions even if the courses are not required for admission or are listed as transfer credits on the transcript of another institution. Include non-degree programs (e.g., summer school), foreign institutions, and any colleges that granted applicant’s credit for a course completed as a high school student even if it was taken at the high school.
  • Complete Any Coursework That We Cannot Enter
    Liaison International, Inc. ADEA AADSAS Coursework Entry Service cannot enter professional, planned/in-progress, or foreign coursework, so these MUST be entered prior to coursework entry occurring.
  • Select the Coursework Entry Option
    On the “Coursework” section of the application, click the “Coursework Entry Service” button and select the schools applicants would like Liaison International, Inc. team to enter ADEA AADSAS coursework.
  • Make Your Payment
    Submit the service agreement and make the coursework entry payment. Payments must be made online via credit card ONLY. Payments may NOT be sent via mail.
  • Request Transcripts To Be Sent To ADEA AADSAS
    ADEA AADSAS must receive all required transcripts before coursework entry can begin.  Monitor the ADEA AADSAS application status menu to ensure the transcript is received. On average, it takes 7-10 business days for the transcript to post to the ADEA AADSAS application from the date it is mailed by the school. Once the application posts, it will be listed on the status menu with a date received.
  • Submit and COMPLETE Your Application
    Before coursework entry can begin, applicants must have a COMPLETE application and be assigned a complete date. This means that the applicant has submitted, paid, and all transcripts have arrived at ADEA AADSAS.
  • Coursework Entry Begins
    Once your final required transcript is received, the application will be placed in line for coursework entry. Coursework entry will begin within 10 business days. Applications have their coursework entered on a first-come, first-served basis by complete date.
  • Review Your Coursework Entry and Submit Your Approval
    Once the coursework entry is complete, the applicant will receive a notification. It is the applicant responsibility to review the coursework entry for accuracy and approve the entry. Once the applicant has approved the coursework entry, they must complete and submit the application. The applicant’s application will continue with normal verification.

Common Questions:

Q: If I select the coursework entry service, does my application still need to be verified?

A: YES. Coursework entry is intended to save the applicant time of having to enter coursework, but it does not exempt the applicant’s  application from the verification process. The ADEA AADSAS application will still be placed in line for review by our verification staff and be subject to the 2-4 week turnaround time.

Q: If I select the coursework entry service, can my application still be undelivered for errors during the verification process?

A: YES. Coursework entry does NOT guarantee that errors will not be found and need to be corrected during the regular verification process.

Q: Can I choose to have some of my transcripts entered for me and enter the others myself?

A: YES. Applicants can select how many transcripts they would like entered for coursework entry. Please note that some transcripts such as hospital, military, or other professional coursework are not eligible for coursework entry.

Q: Is there a fee assistance for the coursework entry service?

A: NO. Applicants who wish to utilize the coursework entry service are responsible for all coursework entry fees.

Q: Is there a refund for the coursework entry service?

A: NO. As per the Coursework Entry Service Agreement that you must submit along with your payment, all coursework entry fees are non-refundable, even if the school was selected and paid for in error.

Q: Will selecting coursework entry delay my application?

A: There is a 10 business day turnaround time for coursework entry, which is competed on a first come, first served basis by application complete date. Coursework entry does not begin until your application is COMPLETE.  Applicants must take this turnaround time into consideration when attempting to meet the deadline requirements of the dental schools. ADEA AADSAS is not responsible for missed deadlines due to coursework entry turnaround times.