ADEA AADSAS Application Instructions

ADEA AADSAS Application

To begin the ADEA AADSAS application, applicants will need a DENTPIN® and email address. Applicants must create a username and password.

A DENTPIN® is a unique identification number assigned to each applicant and student in dental education and standardized testing programs. To register for a DENTPIN® or to look up an existing DENTPIN®, go to

ADEA AADSAS allows re-applicants from the previous (2014-15) application cycle to carry some information to the current (2015-16) application, such as biographical information, parent and family information, background information, disadvantaged status, secondary high school information, professional experience, colleges attended and verified coursework. Applicants cannot edit the colleges and coursework section but can add new information.

If the ADEA AADSAS application was submitted to dental schools in the previous cycle, applicants are eligible to have the application information imported to the new cycle. Please click on the “Reapplying to ADEA AADSAS?” button on the login page to create a re-applicant account. Do not click “Create New Account” on the home page.


The 2017-18 ADEA AADSAS application will launch a redesigned platform. The new application will feature improved application flow and customized application pages for each dental school. ADEA AADSAS applicants will benefit from this new, streamlined process, and will have access to school's customized requirements on the platform. 

IMPORTANT: Due to this transition in the 2017-18 cycle, ADEA AADSAS will not be able to carry over any of the application information from the 2016-17 application; there will not be a re-applicant process in the 2017-18 cycle. All applicants are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to print a copy of their full application PDF for the 2016-17 application cycle before April 1, 2017. No  materials will be brought forward to the new application, and all applicants who will be reapplying will need to create a new application. 

Information Carried Over to the AADSAS Application
Most application fields and verified transcripts (i.e., transcripts containing completed coursework calculated into your grade point average (GPA) by ADEA AADSAS staff) will be imported. Once the import is complete, the applicant is responsible for reviewing all imported information ensuring it is complete and accurate.

Information Not Carried Over to the AADSAS Application
Letters of evaluation, personal statement, payment and unverified coursework (including all Academic Update coursework).

How to Update Coursework
All imported coursework information is locked, but coursework completed since last year's application can be added. Applicants must add the school a second time to add newly completed coursework. Enter the full range of dates for the school (the date originally attended to current attendance) and any changes in degree status.

Dental Admission Test (DAT)
DAT scores carry over for any ADEA AADSAS applicant who had submitted them in the previous cycles, regardless of prior application status. If DAT scores were imported directly from the American Dental Association, and the DENTPIN® and date of birth match, all valid DAT scores will import to the 2015 ADEA AADSAS Application. ADEA AADSAS will import up to four attempts and the test date and receive date will appear under the “Official Test Scores” section of the applicant status menu.

E-submitting the Application
Applicant must click “E-submit” to officially submit the application to ADEA AADSAS. Once the application is submitted it is locked and the applicant cannot make changes to most of the sections for the rest of the application cycle. The only information that can be changed after submitting are contact information, password and security information, letters of evaluation with a status of “new” or “in-progress,” new coursework, and ADEA AADSAS dental school designations. All other sections are read-only. Applicants should review their applications carefully prior to submitting to avoid errors that cannot be corrected later.

Completing the Application
Before the application is verified, it must have a status of “complete” and a completed date. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that all materials are received by ADEA AADSAS and for following up with missing materials. ADEA AADSAS will not notify the applicant if the application remains incomplete or if items are missing. Please monitor the application status from the Status Menu to the right of the application checklist.

An application is considered complete once the completed application is submitted, all official U.S or Canadian transcripts are received and posted to the application with a date received, and the required application fee is received.