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ADEA AGR Launches New Advocacy Newsletter—the ADEA Advocate

Published every Tuesday, the ADEA Advocate replaces the monthly ADEA State Update and the ADEA Washington Update newsletters. Each issue provides a brief synopsis of the major issues from the halls of Congress, various federal agencies and statehouses.

April 2019

Volume 1, No. 10, April 16, 2019
In This Issue |  Arizona Governor Signs Landmark Licensure Reciprocity Law; Will Medicaid Work Requirements Be Upheld by the Appellate Courts?; Ontario Budget Includes Free Dental Care for Low-Income Seniors; A Uniform and a Periodontal Probe; Testimonials from the 2019 ADEA Hill Day on April 11

Volume 1, No. 9, April 9, 2019
In This Issue |  Bipartisanship in Lowering Health Care Costs; Are Medicaid Block Grants Coming to States?; Senators Focus on Addressing Campus Sexual Assault and Ensuring Student Safety; Colorado Expands CHIP Program; $270 Million Opioid Settlement; Maryland May Create Community Dental Clinics Grants; Census Citizenship Question Goes to the U.S. Supreme Court; Research Opportunity: Studying the Health of Women From

Volume 1, No. 8, April 2, 2019
In This Issue |  Speak to Your Legislator About Critical Topics at ADEA Capitol Hill Day; Rep. Shalala (Fl-27) Hosts Briefing on Inequity in Higher Education; Medicaid Expansion Update; HRSA Comes to ADEA; Update on Dental Therapy; Will the Affordable Care Act Survive its Latest Challenge?; Federal Judge Strikes Down Medicaid Work Requirements; One More Reason to Support Dentists in Congress

March 2019

Volume 1, No. 7, March 26, 2019
In This Issue |  Standing Room Only for ADEA Advocacy Sessions; ADEA Monitors the Fiscal Year 2020 Proposed Federal Budget; Federal Funding or Campus Free Speech?; Kaiser Family Foundation Finds Almost Two Thirds on Medicare Lack Dental Coverage; Lawsuit Challenges New Hampshire Work Requirements; ADEA Participates in Coalition for Health Funding Hill Day

Volume 1, No. 6, March 12, 2019
In This Issue |  Advocacy at the 2019 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition; Azar Makes Fiscal Year 2019 Reprogramming Proposal; The Trump Administration’s Proposed New Budget Will Impact Dental Education; ADEA Celebrates All Aspects of Dental Education; Will We Have Pediatric Dental Care Across State Lines? Maybe.; Tennessee May Request Block Grant for Medicaid Funding; States Examining Medicaid Buy-in Programs; Who’s Holding Student Loan Servicers Accountable?; Recent Opioid Legislative Changes; Licensure Reciprocity Update

Volume 1, No. 5, March 5, 2019
In This Issue |  Why Does ADEA Advocate for Oral Health Training Programs on Capitol Hill?; Update to Work Requirements; Sen. Manchin Says Physicians Are Giving out Prescription Opioids “Like M&Ms”; Dental Therapy Bill Passes New Mexico House; Some States May Expand Dental Coverage to Pregnant Women; Canada Increases Dental Care Benefit for 2019

February 2019

Volume 1, No. 4, Feb. 26, 2019
In This Issue |  Do You Have $5.9 Trillion for Health Care?; Increased FDA Oversight of Dental Devices Isn’t Slowing Industry Growth; The Member of Congress Most Focused on Dental Care Isn’t a Dentist; Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Proposes Expanded Access to Dental Care; Public Student Loan Forgiveness Program Gets a Boost in Court; Patients First Act Would Allow Georgia to Seek Waivers Under the ACA; Iowa Supreme Court Rules State Must Hear Medicaid Denials

Volume 1, No. 3, Feb. 19, 2019
In This Issue |  Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Deal; Update on Opioid Legislation; Who’s Counting?; California Commission Releases Recommendations to Address Health Provider Shortage; Utah Legislators Move to Expand Dental Care to Medicaid Populations; New School-based Health Care Funding Increases Access to Oral Health Care

Volume 1, No. 2, Feb. 12, 2019
In This Issue |  Utah Legislators Seek to Roll Back Medicaid Expansion; Massachusetts Bill—Task Force to Address Medicaid Reimbursement to Dental School; Student Loan Repayment and Tax Credit Bills for Dental Professionals; Texas Takes Over Energy & Commerce; Dental Advocacy in the Senate; Senator Alexander Goes on the Record About the Higher Education Act

Volume 1, No. 1, Feb. 5, 2019
In This Issue |  The New ADEA Advocacy Newsletter; Open, Closed and Closed Again?; Legal Cases Over Opioid Misuse Keep Growing; 2019 ADEA Capitol Hill Day Is April 11; ADEA Weighs In on Title IX Proposals; Update on Dental Therapy; New State Tracking Map in 2019; New York State Passes DREAM Act