ADEA President Centennial Awards for Oral Health Education


As ADEA prepares to kick off our Centennial year, we will honor our history, celebrate today and look to our future! As a special one-time element in a celebratory year, ADEA is presenting the ADEA President Centennial Awards for Oral Health Education. Two awards will be given: one for U.S. or Canadian dental school faculty and one for U.S. or Canadian allied dental faculty.

Both awards will honor a mid-career faculty member who has made—and continues to make—a significant and positive impact on oral health education. Awardees will be honored at the 2023 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition in Portland, OR. Self-nominations are welcome! While only one award will be given in each of the two categories, we will also honor and recognize the top nominees.


What are the awards about?

The intent of the two awards is showcase the bridge we are traveling as we mark ADEA’s Centennial and move into the next 100 years. Even as we stand on the shoulders of giants, there are emerging giants among us whose positive impact on ADEA is still coming into full focus. The New Thinking for the New Century initiative has shined a spotlight on the critical issues we must tackle to continue our journey, and the individuals we seek to honor this Centennial year are among those who are blazing new trails. As the 2023 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition approaches and a year of Centennial reflection and celebration kicks off, we also think of the next 100 years in the spirit of changing the “impossible” to “I’m Possible.” These awards will recognize those who are innovating today and reimagining our future.

Who is eligible?

Mid-career full-time dental educators or dental academic professionals in either a dental school or allied dental education program. The following criteria will guide selection of the honorees:

  • Honorees are game-changers who can be expected to continue to innovate and contribute to the development of contemporary dental education in the future.
  • Honorees are role models for the future.
  • Honorees are academic dental community members whose work is well documented and known.
  • The body of work is widely recognized as a pivotal contribution that changes critical aspects of dental education supporting faculty, staff and students.
  • The representative body of work demonstrates remarkable vision, fortitude and excellence in leading seismic change to advance the quality of academic dentistry.
  • The work of those selected must model the future where there is increased elevation of standards of innovation, creativity and game-changing excellence.
  • Nominees have recognizable, defined, quantifiable areas of contribution.
  • The work may expand the critical role oral health has on general health and inspire future generations of oral health professionals to value interprofessional collaboration.

What’s the deadline?

Nominations open on Dec. 1, 2022 and close at 11:59 p.m. ET Dec. 21, 2022.

How do I submit a nomination?

Send the following submission material (as one PDF) to

  • Cover sheet with:
    • Name of individual
    • Institution of affiliation
    • Indication of full-time status
    • Years in oral health education
  • CV
  • Statement of major accomplishment(s) as a game-changer in dental education (no more than one page)

When will honorees be notified?

Early January.