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USI Dental Hygiene Students Prepare for Rotations With Dental Hygiene and Nursing Faculty

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USI LogoIn preparation for rotations at a local hospital’s intensive care unit, University of Southern Indiana (USI) dental hygiene students participated with dental hygiene and nursing faculty in a hands-on experience where students provided oral hygiene care to a ventilated patient in simulation. 

Students learned to use suction toothbrushes, perform mouth clearage with the R as well as provide epiglottis accretion clearance. These procedures help reduce the incidence of ventilated associated pneumonia.

USI PhotoUSI dental hygiene students began rotations at the hospital ICU in January 2019. The rotation is designed to be an experience based on an interprofessional collaborative practice model. The rotation actively includes ICU staff nurses assisting the students through the experience and relating important health history issues. In addition to providing oral health care, students assess the patients for signs of oral lesions associated with being ventilated as well as conditions that may have been related to the serious medical conditions contributing to being admitted to the ICU. Students report identified concerns to appropriate personnel for follow up and assure that oral health related assessment findings are recorded within the patient electronic health records. 

Courtesy of Lorinda L. Coan, M.S., RDH, University of Southern Indiana College of Nursing and Health Professions, Dental Hygiene Program

Published on March 13, 2019


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