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On the Agenda at ADEA Meetings in the Fall: Educational Preparation of New Oral Health Professionals and FADEA

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Of the many timely and important topics that will be addressed as various ADEA groups gather in fall 2010, two are in the forefront.

Educational Preparation of New Oral Health Professionals

At its January  2010 meeting, the ADEA Board of Directors approved formation of the ADEA Task Force on the Education of New Oral Health Professionals. The task force is charged with enunciating principles to guide the educational preparation of new oral health professionals for the U.S. dental workforce. In an environment where access to care is driving a spirited discussion with regard to various allied dental workforce models, the education of new oral health professionals is of critical importance. ADEA's intent in offering these guiding principles is to encourage institutions, organizations, and policymakers that are designing new workforce models to incorporate the principles into their planning and decision-making.

The task force, which is diverse geographically and professionally (with participants including dental hygienists, dentists, a physician, and a dental student) is now presenting its draft guiding principles to ADEA membership groups for feedback. The first presentations took place in June at the ADEA Allied Dental Education Summit and the 43rd Annual National ADEA Allied Dental Program Directors' Conference. Presentations and discussions will also take place at:

  •  September 2010 meetings of the ADEA Institute for Public Policy and Advocacy which consists of the ADEA Legislative Advisory Committee, ADEA Minority Affairs Advisory Committee, ADEA Women's Affairs Advisory Committee, and ADEA Center for Educational Policy and Research Advisory Committee 
  •  ADEA Fall 2010 Meetings, October 28-30 in New Orleans, Louisiana 
  •  52nd Annual ADEA Deans' Conference, November 13-16 in San Diego, California 

ADEA Future of Advanced Dental Education Admissions (ADEA/FADEA) Project

The initial findings of this project, designed to create guides and tools to navigate the changing postdoctoral dental education admissions environment, will be explored during the ADEA Fall 2010 Meetings as part of a special session sponsored by the ADEA Council of Hospitals and Advanced Education Programs and open to all.

Up for discussion are results from the spring 2010 ADEA survey of advanced dental education program directors and the proceedings of a May 2010 meeting of representatives from advanced programs and specialty groups. Additional topics will include potential ADEA PASS enhancements, other initiatives to enhance the quality of data provided in the admissions process, and the sharing of strategies for identifying and selecting the most qualified candidates for admission.

Findings and best practices will be further developed at the next ADEA Summit on Advanced Dental Education, expected to take place in fall 2011.

Registration for the 2010 ADEA BFACA Mid Year Meeting, ADEA Fall 2010 Meetings, and the 52nd Annual ADEA Deans' Conference is open now at www.adea.org/events. Commit to attending today, not only for input into these timely issues, but also for a variety of other educational and networking benefits specific to your meeting. Complete descriptions are also available at www.adea.org/events (you won't want to miss the ADEA Fall 2010 Meetings day-long program about Diversity and Access to Dental Careers: Building Capacity for the Future).

Finally, while advance registration has closed and obtaining a visa in advance is necessary, if you act today you can still plan to attend the Fourth ADEA International Women's Leadership Conference, September 5-8 in Salvador, Brazil. This critical global event assembling health care educators and delivering leadership strategies for improving oral health and overall health shouldn't be missed. Go to www.adea.org/events/Pages/FourthInternationalWomensLeadershipConference.aspx to learn more.

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