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MedEdPORTAL® and ADEA Call for Submissions: Emerging Didactic and Clinical Technologies in Dental Education

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MedEdPORTAL is a free, open-access publication that promotes educational scholarship and collaboration by facilitating the open exchange of peer-reviewed health education teaching and assessment resources.

The number of emerging technologies that have the potential to significantly improve both educational delivery and patient care in dental medicine is expanding at a rapid rate. Examples include genomic dental medicine, laser therapy, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, advanced diagnostic technologies and biomaterial engineering, to name just a few. Incorporating these emerging didactic and clinical technologies into the dental school curriculum is critical to the education of future dentists. Academic dentistry should be leading efforts in this area to advance clinically focused teaching and promote research into innovations intended to improve patient outcomes. 

MedEdPORTAL invites authors, owners and contributors to submit their works for publication consideration. Potential topics include, but are not limited to, the following educational approaches:

  • Classroom learning technologies
  • Virtual reality
  • Computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacturing (CAD/CAM)
  • Cone beam imaging
  • Digital impressions
  • 3D printing
  • Robotics
  • Digital treatment planning
  • Emerging technologic approaches to disease diagnosis and management
  • Biomaterial engineering
  • Electronic health record advances
  • Artificial intelligence

All submissions must be considered stand-alone, complete teaching or learning modules that have been tested in the classroom, preclinical laboratory or clinic, and are ready to implement at their own institutions. Each submission is evaluated by editorial staff and independent peer reviewers using a standardized review instrument grounded in the tenets of educational scholarship, thus positioning MedEdPORTAL publications to be on par with scholarly works in support of faculty tenure and academic advancement decisions. Published authors receive a formal citation for their accepted publication to include in curriculum vitae and other reference formats.

For full submission guidelines to MedEdPORTAL, please visit mededportal.org/submit.

All submissions that successfully pass the peer review process will be published, formatted, and featured in MedEdPORTAL.

For questions related to this Call for Submissions, please contact Paul C. Edwards, D.D.S., M.Sc., MedEdPORTAL Associate Editor, at pcedward@iu.edu.

Published on April 10, 2019

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