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First Published Key Findings From the 2022 ADEA Climate Survey

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Published in the October 2023 issue of the Journal of Dental Education, the article “Perceptions of the Dental Education-wide Climate: Analysis of the 2022 ADEA Climate Study Focus Groups is the first published key findings from the 2022 ADEA Climate Survey. In the 2022 ADEA Climate Survey, focus groups were conducted tandemly among students, faculty and staff from dental schools and allied dental education programs in the United States and Canada. 

The lack of inclusion and belonging on campuses, underrepresentation of faculty of color, microaggressions and differential treatment of students of color, and the need to enhance recruitment of diverse students and faculty of color were among the themes identified. Specific to U.S. allied dental education programs, exposure to unique community and clinical opportunities for students was identified as an important theme to enhance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

We encourage ADEA members and dental and allied dental educators to read and share this article among their colleagues to further our collective work in fostering humanistic learning environments for students, faculty and staff in oral health education.

Read the full article here.

Published on November 8, 2023

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