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Dentistry in the News - April 2011

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A second chance at love

Is love on the horizon for Ashley Hebert, a fourth-year dental student at the University of Pennsylvania? Ashley recently competed with 24 other contestants on The Bachelor and is now slated to be the star of the next installment of The Bachelorette, premiering May 23.

Unique finds in toothpaste collection

Michigan dentist Dr. Val Kolpakovhas collected toothpaste since 2002 and come across some unique finds. Among them are an antique silver toothpowder box from Georgian England, circa, 1801 and Doramad toothpaste (dug out of World War II trenches) containing an active radioactive compound. He has cataloged 1,700 items and estimates the total collection size at closer to 2,000.  Dr. Kolpakov notes, “The main ingredients of all toothpastes are basically the same. However, there are local differences in flavor and some ingredients.” He also collects denture containers and dental movie props.

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