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Central Community College Partners With University of Michigan on Endoscope Education

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Wanda Cloet, RDH, D.H.Sc., Dental Hygiene Program Director at Central Community College (CCC) reached out to Danielle Rulli, RDH, M.S., D.H.Sc., Graduate Program Dental Hygiene Director at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry (U-M SOD), to assist with endoscope education for CCC faculty. Drs. Cloet and Rulli both served on the ADEA Council of Allied Dental Program Directors simultaneously, establishing their collaborative relationship. Due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the two had not seen each other since 2020.

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For the last few years, CCC has utilized periodontal endoscopy in their dental hygiene clinics thanks to a Perkins Grant obtained by Dr. Cloet. Periodontal endoscopy is a fiber optic technology that allows the clinician a real-time view of the subgingival root surface for visual scaling and root planing without surgery. The CCC dental facility was the first, including educational facility, in the state of Nebraska to own an endoscope. After onboarding several new faculty in the wake of retirements and other transitions, Dr. Cloet wanted to ensure the new faculty members had the professional development opportunity to become proficient in endoscopic technology. 

From Michigan, Dr. Rulli traveled to CCC in Hastings, NE, and presided over an endoscope education training session with the existing endoscope as well as the new OraVu endoscope, which offers updated technology including 100x magnification and clearer resolution. After a successful and informative session, the new faculty are now ready to use the existing endoscope in the dental hygiene clinic and they are familiar with the OraVu endscope technology as well due to the collaboration between CCC and U-M SOD. 

 Courtesy of Central Community College.

Published May 11, 2022

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