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Central Community College Dental Hygiene Program Evolves as Legislative Changes Take Effect

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Central Community College Photo Claire + IRT

The Central Community College Dental Hygieneprogram has incorporated expanded functions that were passed by the State of Nebraska. These legislative changes, passed in 2017, provide Nebraskans with improved access to safe, affordable dental care. The bill expanded the dental hygienist scope of practice and created a category of expanded function dental hygienists. 

After completion of education and testing, expanded function hygienists receive permits to perform additional functions as part of the dental team. The expanded functions included are interim therapeutic restoration technique, administration and titration of nitrous oxide, minor denture adjustment and writing prescriptions for mouth rinses and fluorides. These expanded functions have been integrated into the following courses: Pharmacology, Dental Materials, Local Anesthesia and Nitrous Oxide and all clinical courses. Central Community College Dental Hygiene holds interim therapeutic clinics for low-income individuals, who are unable to find access to dental care. The patients appreciate the service that Central Community College offers to the community. Dental hygiene students who have previously practiced on typodonts are now able to provide care to patients. The dental hygiene students are eager to learn new procedures with the legislative changes, as many of them plan to work in the public health sector.

Courtesy of Wanda Cloet, DHSC, RDH, Dental Hygiene Program Director, Central Community College

Published on Jan. 8, 2020

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