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ADEA Releases New Faculty Data

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Last month, ADEA released new data on the 2020-21 full- and part-time U.S. dental school faculty vacant and lost positions. Fifty-seven (84%) of the 68 accredited U.S. dental schools at the time of data collection provided data. The response rate was lower than the 2018-19 data collection (95%), a project that also gathered faculty salary and demographics data. During 2020-21, the 57 dental schools had 674 full-time and part-time vacancies and 139 lost positions. This is almost double the number of U.S. dental school faculty vacancies in 2018-19 and almost eight times the 2018-19 number of lost positions.

The analysis takes the form of two interactive chart reports, one for U.S. dental school faculty vacant positions and one for lost positions. The interactive reports compare the 2020-21 results with 2018-19 data, the latest year available and a good marker for the period before the COVID-19 pandemic. Data collection was not conducted for 2019-20, as the main ADEA dental school faculty data collection project was under redesign. 

July 2022 BDE_New Faculty Line Graph

ADEA members can access a trend analysis of vacant faculty positions between 2018-19 and 2020-21 across a variety of indicators such as primary discipline and academic rank of faculty positions, length of time the positions were vacant, the search status of the vacancies, what factors primarily influence the schools’ ability to fill vacancies and how schools covered the responsibilities of the vacant positions. For faculty lost positions, members can examine the increase in lost positions by status, primary discipline and academic rank between the two analyzed academic years and how dental schools managed the responsibilities of the lost positions.

On a related note, ADEA has been working on a redesign of the U.S. dental school faculty salary and demographics data collection. The updated faculty salary and demographic census incorporates improvements that address the standardization of employment, salary and compensation indicators; the ease in providing the data; and more tailored delivery of the analyzed data. The redesign of the U.S. dental school faculty census will collect data on faculty salary and demographics in addition to vacant and lost positions for the 2021-22 fiscal year. The data collection for the updated ADEA faculty census will launch in late summer 2022.

For questions or comments about this project, contact Emilia Istrate, Ph.D., ADEA Senior Vice President of Policy and Educational Research, at istratee@adea.org.

Published on July 13, 2022

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