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ADEA Releases New Data on U.S. Dental School Applicants and Enrollees

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ADEA recently released the annual report U.S. Dental School Applicants and Enrollees, 2019 Entering Class on its website. The report provides a comprehensive view of the 2019 entering class applicants and first-time, first-year enrollees. The report combines data from ADEA AADSAS® (ADEA Associated American Dental Schools Application System) and Texas Medical & Dental Schools Application Services (TMDSAS). 

This year, demographic and educational characteristics of applicants and enrollees to U.S. dental schools in 2019 have been published in a series of interactive graphics in addition to the routinely published spreadsheet-style report.

Two items to note:

  • The data are provided as trends, 2000–2019, not just for 2019.
  • For the first time, ADEA also released an interactive map with the information by state.

Number of Applicants, Applications and First-time, First-year Enrollees to U.S. Dental Schools by State of Legal Residence, 2019


  • First-year Enrollees refer to first-year, first-time enrollees. Students repeating the first year are not included.
  • Counts include applicants and first-year enrollees who identified as legal residents of one the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, regardless of citizenship.

Source: American Dental Education Association, U.S. Dental School Applicants and Enrollees, 2019 Entering Class

The report and interactive graphics are freely available on the ADEA Data, Analysis and Research webpage. The interactive graphics can be accessed directly through adea.org/data/students/Applicants-2019-Entering-Class.

We encourage you to visit our webpage to view these data on students and the other data and resources we have available.

For any questions/comments about this project, contact Emilia Istrate, Ph.D., ADEA Senior Vice President of Policy and Educational Research. at istratee@adea.org.

Published on October 14, 2020

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