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ADEA Promotes Image Gently in Dentistry Campaign

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As an expedient and non-invasive tool, dental imaging has an important role in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment planning of oral, dental and craniofacial conditions and diseases. Despite its benefits, the harms associated with radiation exposure for medical purposes remain a concern, particularly in the pediatric population. 

The Image Gently in Dentistry Campaign launched last month to promote safe and appropriate imaging techniques to the public and professional imaging community. ADEA, along with other professional associations and societies, is part of the Image Gently Alliance which aims to reduce the risk of radiation exposure to children through online materials, editorials and appearances at professional conferences.

The Image Gently in Dentistry campaign reflects months of collaborative efforts to produce materials for the professional oral health community and general public. The campaign promotes six steps that serve as useful reminders of how to operate imaging equipment and practice safe and effective imaging techniques:

  1. Select radiographs based on patient need, 
  2. Use the fastest image receptor possible,
  3. Collimate the X-ray beam to only expose the area of interest,
  4. Use lead aprons with thyroid collars, 
  5. Use the appropriate child-size exposure time, and
  6. Select cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) only when necessary.  

By following these steps, dental practices and academic dental institutions can protect children from unnecessary radiation exposure. 

For more information on the campaign, please visit imagegently.org.

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