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Spotlight: Why We Advocate for NIDCR Funding

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ADEA regularly advocates for full funding for the National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR). For FY18, ADEA asked Congress for $452 million for NIDCR. The actual appropriation from Congress in FY17 was $425.7 million. However, these requests do not often resonate with legislators if they do not see how funding NIDCR directly affects communities.

In FY17, NIDCR gave $148.5 million in grant money to U.S. dental institutions. This April, ADEA member New York University College of Dentistry received $2.2 million to study periodontal disease and bone loss in people with diabetes and $158,500 to study how to optimize school-based cavity prevention. School-based caries prevention programs have become an important way to improve access to dental services. In medically underserved areas, these programs often serve as the sole source of dental care for children and adolescents. The caries prevention programs will begin in schools in fall 2018.

ADEA encourages member institutions, faculty, students, residents and fellows to advocate for NIDCR funding by sharing with us and legislators the stories of how this premier institute supports necessary research in their schools and the greater community. 

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