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Federal Courts - July 2018

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The Supreme Court of the United States’ latest term was packed with news-making decisions, from the same-sex wedding cake to travel bans to voting rights to gerrymandering to public unions and pregnancy-counseling services; the Court was impactful even when the Justices decided not to decide. The term saw a more conservative shift on the bench, in large part because Justice Kennedy, often a swing vote, joined the conservatives in all 14 of the Court’s 5–4 decisions. The Court decided a range of historic cases that significantly expanded as well as contracted certain fundamental freedoms. Two highly controversial constitutional issues before the Supreme Court that could have given the public new guidance on the rights of married gay couples and on the validity of partisan gerrymandering were sent back to lower courts with orders to consider how to apply major Supreme Court rulings this term on those two disputed issues. Since neither ruling reached definitive outcomes, the Justices provided no reliable clues as to what may happen in the future.

The latest announcement by Justice Anthony Kennedy has added even more scrutiny to any potential Supreme Court picks by the Trump Administration. Unfortunately, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and health care-related cases that ADEA has been tracking are obscured by the many pivotal cases and controversies these past few weeks.

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