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Dental Hygienist Jobs See a 285% Growth Rate Increase in Canada

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Over the last three years, dental hygienist has been the fastest-growing small- to medium-sized business job in Canada. The number of positions skyrocketed from 1,273 for every million postings in 2015 to 4,907 in 2018.

The job site, which tracked this trend, suggests that the rapid increase could be a result of Canada’s oversupply of urban dentists. Dentists are concentrated in Canada’s big cities and they require competent staff to help them treat patients quickly and efficiently.

The uptick may also be a result of the government incorporating independent hygienists into the Non-Insured Health Benefits program (NIHB) in 2016. The program covers otherwise not-provided care for First Nation and Inuit communities. These communities are largely rural, which may help explain why dental hygiene has grown faster than the competitive world of urban dentistry.

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