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7 Funding Bills in 2 Weeks—No Problem?

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CautionTapeCapitolCongress passed five of 12 appropriations bills before the midterm elections, but time is running out. A deal on a year-end spending package to wrap up the seven unfinished bills would fund parts of the government for the fiscal year that began Oct. 1. Only a few days remain before a stopgap funding measure (P.L. 115-245) will run dry on Dec. 7, creating the risk of a partial government shutdown. The passing of former President George H. W. Bush has created some bipartisanship with Members of Congress working to move the deadline to Dec. 18.

Even if the deadline is moved, many issues will still need to be resolved before the end-of-year deadline. One issue yet to be resolved is President Trump's request for $5 billion for a border wall, included in the House version of the bill. The Senate bill includes $1.6 billion for the wall in its bipartisan Homeland Security funding bill. Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Richard Shelby (R-AL), after meeting with the President on Nov. 27, said that the President would veto a bill including only the $1.6 billion figure. Shelby believes the best outcome would be to split the difference in the two amounts. The issue remains unresolved at this writing. 

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