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Wisconsin Legislature Moves to Codify Work Requirements and Reinsurance

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WI_CapitolA lame duck session in Wisconsin is proving to be productive for Republican legislators who are seeking to prevent Democratic Governor-elect Tony Evers from making changes to some of the state’s recently enacted health care policies. On Dec. 4, as part of a package of bills intended to limit the incoming Governor’s powers, the legislature passed a bill along party lines that codifies work requirements allowed under a waiver approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in October. The bill also codifies the creation of a reinsurance pool, a program allowed by a CMS waiver approved in July that was intended to provide additional funds for insurers who cover high-risk patients, and will also provide the legislature with increased power over waiver requests made by the state’s executive branch. The bill will move to the desk of Governor Walker, who has indicated support for the legislation.

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