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When Will Your State Legislature Convene for 2018? What Five Key State Issues Will Impact Academic Dentistry in 2018?

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CalAndPenThe 2018 state legislative sessions will begin soon, and several states have already begun prefiling bills. During 2018, only 46 legislatures will convene because Montana, Nevada, North Dakota and Texas state lawmakers traditionally do not meet during even-numbered years.

Of those 46 state legislatures, 38 will convene in January, six in February, Louisiana in March and North Carolina on April 23 to begin the 2018 legislative session.

Based on prefiled legislation, below are five key issues to watch during the 2018 legislative session:

  • Student loan forgiveness programs.
  • Alternative workforce models.
  • Licensing of dental professionals.
  • Adult dental benefits under Medicaid.
  • Prescription drug and opioid abuse policy (including prescriber limits and new or revised prescriber guidelines).

Visit the ADEA Advocacy website for more information on when your state legislature will convene.

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