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Alaska is considering a bill (HB 268) that would allow the state Dental Board to apply sanctions, including suspension, denial and revocation, to any licensee failing to properly inform patients about opioids. Dentists would be required to orally provide the patient with justification for prescribing the opioid, information about alternatives, warning about the dangers of opioid addiction and written information from the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services about the same risks.

Minnesota and Missouri are both considering bills (SF 3179 and HB 1268, respectively) creating limited faculty licenses for dental instructors who are otherwise not licensed to practice in either state. Faculty would be allowed to practice in an instructional capacity in school facilities. The Minnesota bill would also create an “emeritus” license for retiring dentists. This license would not permit a recipient to continue practicing but would instead serve as an official recognition of a career ended in good standing.

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