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Oregon Governor Signs Bill Requiring Dental Screenings for Students Seven and Younger

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On June 25, Gov. Kate Brown (D-OR) signed H.B. 2972 into law. Under the new law, Oregon children who are starting public school and are seven years old or younger will be required to have dental screenings, or show proof they have had one.

Specifically, starting with the 2016–17 school year, new students will have to submit certification that they have received a screening within the previous 12 months from a licensed dentist or dental hygienist, or from a qualified health care practitioner who is a school employee trained to spot dental problems. The certification must be submitted within 120 days of the student’s first day, for the student to remain enrolled. In certain circumstances, a student may be exempt from this requirement.

Rep. Cedric Hayden (R-OR), a dentist who sponsored the bill, said it will have little impact on children who already receive regular dental care. “This is designed to capture children that don’t have that opportunity,” he said.

The new law also requires school districts to report to the state annually on the percentage of their students who did not submit dental certifications.
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