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Opioid Update - June 2018

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While Congress and the White House hold hearings and press conferences on the opioid epidemic, states are also working to curb the crisis. The federal government appropriates money in different ways, and much of the federal funding to address the opioid epidemic must be distributed as grants. To that end, West Virginia Rep. David McKinley (R) brought representatives from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to a workshop in his district to advise health care agencies and local governments on applying for grants. The detail-oriented session attracted around 150 people hoping to make their grant requests competitive enough to deploy federal funds against the epidemic in West Virginia.

Suing Drugmakers

This month, six states joined 16 others and Puerto Rico in suing Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin over its marketing. The suit, being pushed by state attorneys general, alleges that Purdue Pharma fueled the epidemic by deceptively marketing its drugs, both downplaying the risk of addiction while overstating OxyContin’s benefits. The company says that FDA data show their products accounted for only 2% of opioid prescriptions but does not say during which time span. According to Reuters, California, Massachusetts and New York are preparing similar suits.

Inmate Access to Substance Abuse Treatment

Vermont Governor Phil Scott (R) signed a bill providing for prison inmate access to prescription drugs. Now, inmates must be screened for substance abuse disorders within 24 hours of admission and may continue medication-assisted treatment if they are undergoing treatment while incarcerated.

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