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Massachusetts Governor Seeks to Establish a Commission to Review Prescribing Practices for Dentists

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opioidrxpadOn Nov. 14, Gov. Charlie Baker (R-MA) announced that his administration would be seeking to enact state legislation titled An Act Relative to Combating Addiction, Accessing Treatment, Reducing Prescriptions and Enhancing Prevention (CARE Act). The proposed bill would establish a commission to review and make recommendations about appropriate prescribing practices related to certain oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures, including the removal of wisdom teeth. The commission would also engage with drug manufacturers to create a pre-packaged product, such as a blister pack or z-pack, to be used with common oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures. The product will provide patients with an appropriate, standard post-procedure dosage and quantity of commonly prescribed drugs.

Under the proposed legislation, the commission will be comprised of the commissioner of public health or a designee, who will serve as chair; a representative from the Massachusetts Dental Society; and five persons appointed by the governor. Of the five, one will be an oral surgeon, one a nurse with expertise in maxillofacial surgical procedures, one will represent a dental school, and two with expertise in pain management.

In addition, the proposed legislation also requires that by 2020 all prescribers must convert to secure electronic prescriptions and cease the use of oral and paper prescriptions when prescribing regulated drugs.

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