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Governors Release FY19 Budget Proposals

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BudgetBagMost governors’ budget proposals for FY19 have called for another year of slow spending growth, with a few governors proposing declines in general fund spending. 

As has been the case most years since the last recession, many governors are targeting the largest amount of new spending to elementary and secondary education. Other areas of emphasis have included tackling the opioid epidemic, addressing mental health policies, adding funding for public safety and efforts to maintain fiscal sustainability. Furthermore, several governors have released tax reform proposals in hopes of spurring additional economic growth.

As of Feb. 14, governors from 37 states had released a new or revised budget proposal for FY19, which will begin on July 1, 2018, for 46 states (New York begins its fiscal year on April 1, Texas on Sept. 1 and Alabama and Michigan on Oct. 1). Over the coming months, 33 states will enact a new budget for FY19. Seventeen states previously enacted budgets covering both FY18 and FY19, some of which will consider a revised (or supplemental) budget this year.

Please click here to access an interactive state-by-state map of governors’ budget proposals for FY19. 

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