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California Plans to Offer Expanded Dental Services for Children and New Coverage for Adults

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On August 20, Covered California (the state’s health insurance marketplace) announced that it is offering new family dental plans to consumers who enroll in health insurance coverage in 2015. Additionally, all individual health insurance plans sold through the Covered California marketplace will include pediatric dental benefits for members younger than 19.

The family dental plan will offer adults the option of receiving dental coverage outside the general health plans at an additional cost. According to information released by Covered California, some consumers may be drawn to family dental plans if a provider they prefer for their child is not offered in their embedded coverage.

The optional stand-alone family dental plans, which offer coverage for adults, will not be available at the beginning of open enrollment, which starts November 15, but are planned to be added in early 2015. Covered California will offer both dental health maintenance organization (DHMO) and dental preferred provider organization (DPPO) plans.

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