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An Update on State Dental Regulations - November 2017

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The Dental Board of California (Board) has released a list of several bills that it plans to closely track for 2018. The bills and their respective focal areas are as follows: 

  • AB 12 – State government administrative regulations: review.
  • AB 224 – Dentistry: anesthesia and sedation.
  • AB 703 – Professions and vocations: fee waivers for licenses.
  • AB 710 – Department of Consumer Affairs: meetings of boards.
  • SB 392 – Dentistry report: access to care for pediatric dental patients.
  • SB 501 – Dentistry: anesthesia and sedation report.
  • SB 641 – Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System: privacy.

As this agenda item was presented to the Board as an informational item during its most recent meeting on Nov. 2-3, no Board action was requested. 

In addition, the California State Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee will be introducing two omnibus bills for 2018. One bill will be designated for health care board and bureau legislation, and the other will be for non-health care board and bureau legislation. The Senate committee plans to introduce the bills in early 2018 and has requested board and bureau proposals be submitted by Jan. 9, 2018, for inclusion in the introduced version of the bill. As a result, the Dental Board of California is considering a proposal for inclusion in the 2018 Healing Arts Omnibus Bill.

On Nov. 2-3, the Board approved the Omnibus Bill proposal language presented with two additional amendments related to 1) allowing an exception to the requirements in Business and Professions Code (BPC) Sec. 1621 (c) for those officers or faculty members who are also portfolio examiners and 2) changing the dental sedation assistant permit language to more closely match the requirements found in BPC Sec. 1750.2 related to orthodontic assistant permits. Board staff is currently working with their legal counsel to develop language for the aforementioned amendments that were approved in concept.



Rep. Jason Nemes, J.D. (R-KY) has prefiled Bill Request 193 for the 2018 regular legislative session. The bill request as currently drafted seeks to limit unnecessary and burdensome licensing requirements. Specifically, the bill states: “On and after November 15, 2018, all occupational licensing regulations established by an agency[1] shall be: (a) Limited to those essential to fulfilling the statutory requirements for entry into a market, business, occupation, or profession; (b) Devoid of unnecessary burdens or restrictions on a person seeking entry into a market, business, occupation, or profession; and (c) Carefully tailored to ensure the legitimate health, safety, and welfare of the public.” The bill also requires agencies and boards to conduct a comprehensive review of all occupational regulations within its jurisdiction and submit a report of its findings every five years.

[1] "Administrative agency" or "agency" means each state board, bureau, cabinet, commission, department, authority, officer or other entity in the executive branch of state government authorized by law to conduct administrative hearings.

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