2025 ADEA Call for Reviewers

The best way to understand the peer-review process is to become a volunteer reviewer. Serving as a reviewer provides valuable insight into the proposal process and an understanding of what separates successful proposals from those not chosen for programming at the 2025 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition.

In addition, reviewers are exposed to the latest and best ideas emerging in dental education.

All dental, advanced and allied dental faculty and students are encouraged to volunteer.

Note: When you apply to be a reviewer, if you check the “Send me a copy of my responses” box, the confirmation email will come from “Smartsheet Forms” (forms@app.smartsheet.com). If you do not receive your confirmation, please check your email spam filter.

Video: We Want You! Reviewing Annual Session & Exhibition Program Submissions

Speakers: Dieter J. Schönwetter, M.A., Ph.D. and Robert Spears, M.S., Ph.D.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify key steps of the ADEA the program review process.
  • Explain the importance of standardization among reviewers.
  • Apply selection criteria to review a submission.

We Want You! Presentation Slides PDF

Benefits of Being a Reviewer

  • Receive recognition in our Annual Session & Exhibition program planner.
  • Mentor authors by giving constructive feedback.
  • Gain insight on new ideas and innovations.
  • Experience intellectual satisfaction.
  • Understand the work and efforts of the Annual Session programming process. 

The review process will begin on June 3, 2024.

Overview of the Review Process

Apply to serve as a reviewer by June 3, 2024.

On June 5, you may receive an email from ADEA with peer review instructions. If you do not receive an email, you may have been assigned as a poster reviewer (the poster review period will start on Sept. 9, 2024).

Peer Review Timeline:

  • June 3, 2024 | Deadline to submit education session proposals.
  • June 5–18, 2024  | Peer reviews of education session submissions.
  • Sept. 2, 2024  |  Deadline to submit poster and TechExpo proposals.
  • Sept. 9–20, 2024  |  Peer reviews of posters and TechExpo proposals.

Resources for Reviewers