ADEA is taking steps to support the 2024 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition’s sustainability impact on New Orleans.

Below are ways to practice sustainability during your attendance:

Traveling around the city sustainably:

  • Numerous alternatives are available for exploring New Orleans without the need to rent or call for a car. The city’s flat terrain makes it ideal for enjoyable biking experiences. You can discover the city from a fresh perspective by joining a guided bike tour or picking up a Blue Bike to venture out independently.

  • Another leisurely mode of transportation is the streetcar, offering a delightful way to navigate the city. You can hop on the St. Charles line to travel toward Audubon Park, savoring the charm of the Garden District along the route. Alternatively, take the streetcar along Canal Street to explore the wide array of activities at City Park.

  • If you prefer public transportation, the RTA bus system is at your service, and Le Pass simplifies the process of booking bus, streetcar or ferry tickets from your smartphone.

Dining around the city sustainably:

  • The culinary delights of New Orleans are not only irresistibly delicious but also offer an opportunity for a truly authentic experience when dining like a local. The city’s renowned gastronomic excellence becomes evident from your very first meal.

  • To enhance your engagement with the local food scene, consider restaurants that actively participate in the oyster shell recycling initiative organized by the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.

  • Additionally, for a swift connection to the freshest options, you can explore local farms. Sugar Roots Farm, Sankofa Fresh Stop Market and Sprout New Orleans all offer programs that enable you to connect with the region’s ecology.

Dining around the city sustainably:

  • Supporting the local economy not only contributes positively to the place you’re visiting but also ensures you acquire the most memorable souvenirs.

  • Visit the local shops by taking a leisurely stroll along Magazine Street, where you’ll discover stores like Vintage Green Review, New Orleans’ inaugural zero-waste bulk refill store.

  • Please visit New Orleans city website for more shopping information.

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