2023 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition

Dates: March 11-14, 2023
Venue: Oregon Convention Center
Location: Portland, OR

Believe I’mPossible

2023 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition
March 11-14, 2023
Portland, OR

While we honor ADEA’s rich history of service and achievement in this centennial year, we recognize that it is our individual and collective actions today that will define dental education tomorrow. We celebrate our positive impact, particularly in the lives of our patients, our communities and in shaping the next generation of oral health leaders and practitioners. With that passion and commitment, we must seize the opportunities in front of us to address our challenges. Our innovation, leadership, service and passion will drive dental education’s evolution.

As we look toward the next 100 years, we know that a fresh way of thinking is required. We understand that there is critical work to be done today where dental education must continue to lead. Well-being. Social justice. Building a sense of belonging for all. Collaboration with local, national and international communities. Research. Advocacy. Financing dental education. Pursuing educator and leadership development. Providing equitable access to oral health care for all and further positioning oral health professionals as true partners in the broader primary care environment.

In our diverse and unique paths to forging this better tomorrow, we must each Believe I’mPossible.

With this new thinking, we will achieve our shared vision to grow a well-prepared and diverse oral health workforce. We will continue to impact and improve and the overall health of all individuals and our communities. We will lift one another up and remember that each of us, and all that we dream, is possible.

Our moment is now to Believe I’mPossible. Together, on March 11-14, 2023, in vibrant Portland, OR, we will lift our gaze from the challenges introduced by the pandemic to embrace an exciting world of possibilities for oral health and dental education. Be there for this milestone opportunity to reimagine the future.


Contact: MCET@adea.org