Plenary Sessions

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Discourse & Dessert: An Evening Plenary on Gender Issues

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Linda Cohn

Linda Cohn is a pioneer for women sportcasters and is a true American icon. She has graced television sets for over 21 years as one of the first full-time female sports anchors and is recognized as one of America's most successful female sports commentators. A constant mainstay on ESPN's SportsCenter, Ms. Cohn's straightforward style and natural humor has created an easy rapport with viewers. In addition to her anchor duties, she has her own podcast entitled "Listen Closely to Linda Cohn." Ms. Cohn is the author of Cohn-Head: A No-Holds-Barred Account of Breaking into the Boy's Club, which details her rise to the top of the male-dominated sportscasting world. 

Opening Plenary Session

Sunday, March 8, 2015

How Curiosity Changed My Life

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Adam Steltzner

Adam Steltzner, Ph.D., was just another wannabe rock star kicking around small clubs in San Francisco at age 20. By 35, he was a Ph.D. engineer at the famed Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In 2012, he made history as the Landing Phase Lead Engingeer and Development Manager for the Entry, Descent and Landing phase of the Mars rover Curiosity — he led the breakthrough team of engineers who invented the pioneering landing system that spectacularly placed the Curiosity rover on the Martian surface. In his keynote speeches, he brings a rock star's presence and a storyteller's gift to the stage. He reveals how audacious goals, unbridled thinking and breakthrough innovation can make the impossible possible; he also shares his observations about the power of human curiosity and how it can change our world. He is currently working on a new book, The Right Kind of Crazy: The Science of Executing Transformative Ideas

Political Outlook and News of the Day

Monday, March 9, 2015

Gloria Borger

Gloria Borger is CNN's Chief Political Analyst, appearing regularly on The Sitution Room with Wolf Blitzer and The Lead with Jake Tapper. Ms. Borger plays an instrumental role in the network's daily coverage while reporting on a variety of political and breaking news stories. Ms. Borger has distinguished herself at CNN through a variety of in-depth interviews and profiles. She was a prominent analyst during the network's America's Choice 2012 election season, and was pivotal to CNN's Emmy award-winning election night coverage. Before joining CNN in 2007, Ms. Boprger was CBS News' national political correspondent and a contributor to CBS's Face the Nation, 60 Minutes II and the network's special events coverage. Ms. Borger began her professional career as a reporter at the Washington STar, where she covered politica and co-authoried a daily seria, published as a book, called Federal Triangle, a parody of political life in Washington, D.C. She was a political columnist for U.S. News & World Report and chief congressional correspondent for Newsweek. Early in her career, Ms. Borger was awarded the Watson Traveling Fellowship to study the British press. 

The Rise: Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis, Ph.D., is a cultural historian and a W.E.B. Du Bois Research Institute Fellow at Harvard University. Her book, The Rise: Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery, is a layered, story-driven investigation of how innovation, success and new concepts can be found in the most unlikely and improbable of places. Dr. Lewis has served on President Obama's National Arts Policy Committee and as a trustee of Creative Time; the Graduate Center, CUNY; the Brearley School; and the Andy Warhol Foundation of the Visual Arts. She has held positions at the Yale School of Art, the Museum of Modern Art and the Tate Modern. Her essays on race, contemporary art and culture have been published in many journals as well as The New Yorker, Artforum, Art in America and in publications for the Smithsonian, the Museum of Modern Art and Rizzoli. 

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