Career/Technical Education (CTE) Statistics

The National Center for Educational Statistics attempts to provide a complete picture of participation in career/technical education by pulling data from existing surveys and high school transcipt data to compile the Career/Technical Education (CTE) Statistics system.

Using data from NCES' surveys of postsecondary students, secondary and postsecondary faculty, adult learners, and from longitudinal surveys that track students through high school and into the labor market or into postsecondary education, the CTEStatistics system, provides insights into the status of career/technical education. Data is provided by the following criteria:

  • Race
  • Grade
  • Gender
  • Special populations
  • School type
  • Program completion status and postsecondary status
  • Classroom teachers by gender
  • Average salary
  • Racial/ethnic category
  • Secondary enrollments by plan of deliveryand program area
  • Adult enrollments and completers by gender, and
  • Race and special populations by school.

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