ADEA Survey of Clinic Fees and Revenue: 2003-04 Academic Year

The American Dental Education Association's 2003-04 Survey of Clinic Fees and Revenue summarizes clinic revenue information per student by school. Fifty-one of the 54 dental schools with third-and fourth-year students responded to the survey. Among the report's findings:

  • The median revenue per third-year student was $9,937.
  • Median revenue per fourth-year student was $13,602.

Clinic revenue was also obtained for programs of advanced dental education.

  • General Practice Residency programs generated the highest revenue per student at $66,474
  • Programs of Advanced Education in General Dentistry reported revenue of $63,860 per student.

Other areas of the survey provide information regarding:

  • clinic fees by type of program
  • levels of uncompensated care by type of program
  • clinic revenue by source of payment, and
  • dental school fees as a percent of usual and customary private practice fees.

Read the full report from the Journal of Dental Education. (PDF)