2017–2018 ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools

For Students Entering Dental School in Fall 2018 or Fall 2019

In addition to providing profiles for 76 U.S. and Canadian dental schools, the 2017–2018 ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools answers key questions about opportunities in dentistry, the dental school admissions process and financing a dental education.

ADEA has published and updated this comprehensive resource for more than five decades.

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  • Descriptive profiles of 66 U.S. dental schools and 10 Canadian dental schools, including:
    • State, province or international residency requirements.
    • Minimum preparation and degree requirements.
    • Dental Admission Test mean and range scores (5th to 95th percentile).
    • Grade point average mean and range (5th to 95th percentile).
    • Special programs and services, including summer enrichment programs.
    • Estimated costs.
    • Descriptions of schools’ curriculums.
  • Several comparative tables for easy review of schools’ data, including:
    • Applicants and enrollees—by gender, race and ethnicity and in-state versus out-of-state.
    • Admissions requirements.
    • 2016 entering class characteristics.
  • Tips for writing a dental school application essay.
  • Details on submitting the ADEA AADSAS® application
  • Helpful advice for high school and undergraduate students about getting into dental school.
  • Guidelines for financing dental school, including:

ADEA is pleased to announce the availability of its new online product, the ADEA Dental School Explorer! Based on the ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools, this tool contains the profiles of the 76 U.S. and Canadian dental schools featured in the printed edition—all searchable by key word and filterable by institution type, targeted entering-class size, DAT Total Science score (mean), Science GPA (mean), and location (state, territory or province). 

Use your laptop, tablet or smart phone to view information on required and recommended courses; dental shadowing requirements/recommendations; admission cycle timetables; fees, deposits and cost of attendance; and 2016 entering class applicant and entering-class statistics.

A one-year subscription to the ADEA Dental School Explorer is $25. 

Bundle and Save! Purchase the printed book plus a one-year subscription to the ADEA Dental School explorer, $50 (plus shipping for the printed book).


Printed book: $40 per copy

Printed book: $34 per copy for orders of 10 or more

ADEA Dental School Explorer: $25 for a one-year subscription

The Official Guide Bundle: The printed book plus a one-year subscription to the ADEA Dental School explorer, $50 (plus shipping for the printed book)


A subscriber must complete and submit the ADEA Publications Claim Form within six months of the issue's publication if it is missing or damaged. If you claim a back issue that is out of stock, ADEA is not liable for any refund.