ADEA/Zimmer Dental Implant Education Teaching Award


The American Dental Education Association (ADEA)//Zimmer Dental Implant Education Teaching Award recognizes an institution and dental educator team that has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of implant dentistry education.

Dental implant education and instruction may occur in a variety of settings, including classroom or laboratory environments, clinical teaching or preceptorships, community-based instructional opportunities, or electronically mediated teaching and learning experiences.


This program provides an award of $25,000 in recognition of excellence and innovation in implant dentistry education. The award, given once every two years, is divided equally between the winning institution and dental educator team. It is intended that the institution's portion of the award be utilized to further advance implant education.

The dental educators on the winning team are expected to give a presentation centered on the winning program at the ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition. Applications will be evaluated by a committee formed by ADEA, with representatives from the following ADEA sections: Prosthodontics; Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Anesthesia, and Hospital Dentistry; Periodontics; Dental Hygiene Education; Comprehensive Care; and General Dentistry.

Eligibility and Requirements

An applicant institution must be an accredited educational program. Applicant teams may come from dental schools, dental hygiene programs, or hospital-based programs. Both predoctoral and postdoctoral programs are eligible to apply. The educational program described in the application must have been in place for at least one full academic year; the dental educators must be full-time faculty members. The institution must be an ADEA Institutional Member and dental educators must be ADEA Individual Members at the time application is submitted. One or more dental educators may team with the institution to apply.

The following criteria will be used to select the winners of the award:

  • demonstration of commitment to dental implant education
  • sustained development of educational programs
  • innovation in teaching methodology
  • successful outcomes of teaching efforts
  • service to the community
  • successful integration of educational programs into the established curriculum

Applicants must submit the following on or before November 1, 2012:

  • a separate sheet indicating contribution of each dental educator on the team toward the development of the program as a percentage. The faculty portion of the monetary award will be distributed among the applicants as indicated by these percentages
  • a letter of nomination from the dental school dean
  •  a comprehensive personal statement from the applicant team describing its innovative ideas and programs in implant education and how these have contributed to the advancement of the field (this narrative should be no longer than three pages including any figures or references)
  •  the curriculum vitae of each dental educator on the team

The completed application must be signed by the dental school dean.

How to Apply

Please visit http://ww3.aievolutioncom/ade1301 to complete your application online. Before starting your application, please read the User's Guide to familiarize yourself with the online application process.

Notification Date and Award Announcement

Fellowship recipients will be notified on or before February 1, 2013. Awards will be presented at a ceremony during the 2013 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition in Seattle, Washington, March 16-19, 2013.

Past Recipients

2011 - University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry

2009 - University of Southern California Department of Primary Oral Health Care

2007 - University of Oklahoma Department of Oral Implantology