Legislative and Regulatory Resources

The ADEA Policy Center (APC) integrates educational research, access and diversity programming and public policy advocacy activities to address contemporary issues facing dental education, access to care, and dental and craniofacial research. Within APC is the ADEA Advocacy and Governmental Relations (AGR) portfolio. AGR is the voice within the halls of Congress and the federal government on issues that affect dental education and the oral health and well-being of the nation. Also, AGR has dedicated staff to monitor issues on the state and local levels that impact dental education and oral health care in all 50 states.

AGR plays an integral role in ADEA’s mission to advocate for dental education and dental and craniofacial research. Therefore, AGR closely tracks legislation and when appropriate engages in national debate, congressional hearings and legislative briefings on issues of importance to our stakeholders. Though ADEA does not lobby at the state level, AGR provides expertise and resources to inform our members about key policy areas and issues at the state and local levels of government.

Additionally, AGR publishes the ADEA Washington Update, ADEA State Update, and makes contributions to the Bulletin of Dental Education Online (BDE) and Journal of Dental Education (JDE).

ADEA Legislative Advisory Committee (ADEA LAC) makes recommendations on legislative priorities. It leads in the development and implementation of a national advocacy network to create a powerful and united advocacy voice to address the nation's oral health problems as they relate to dental and allied dental education and institutions.

ADEA Advocacy (Hill Day) Events in Washington, DC: ADEA Advocacy events are organized throughout the year by ADEA’s AGR team to inform Members of Congress regarding appropriations and policy priorities.

ADEA Field Advocacy Workshops: Upon request, ADEA’s AGR staff conducts advocacy workshops at member institutions to help them create and advance their policy agendas.

Resources and Tools for Legislative Advocates:

The instructional documents below provide a basic toolkit for members wanting to understand the legislative process and communicate regularly with their legislators and other policy makers. These materials are distributed at the ADEA-AADR field advocacy workshops and other local educational events. The toolkit includes basic information about how laws are made, key committees in Congress, and how to conduct a personal visit with your legislator, as well as other useful information and links for interacting with legislators and their staff.