Policy White Papers and Briefs

The ACA and Medicaid Expansion or Lack Thereof: How is Access to Oral Health Care Affected?

This white paper provides an analysis of Medicaid expansion, or lack thereof, and its effect on the delivery of dental care under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 

January 2016

Community Water Fluoridation: A Public Health Imperative

This policy brief explains the protective effects of community water fluoridation, which are experienced across all age, racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups but benefit vulnerable populations the most.

September 2015

Examining America's Dental Safety Net  

This white paper examines the persistent unmet need for dental care and outlines the contributions of dental safety net providers, including academic dental institutions, in addressing it. 

March 2015

Understanding the History and Securing the Future of Ryan White Dental Safety Net Programs

This white paper reviews the Ryan White dental programs, the populations served by the programs, the federal funding streams for oral health and the opportunities and challenges presented by health care reform.

January 2015