Spring 2015: Change and Innovation on the Global Stage

A year ago, we published an issue of the Liaison Ledger that explored the ways dental schools were teaching cultural competency to their students. Today we consider a related topic: what schools can do to educate faculty to appreciate and model culturally competent care.

Guest Perspective: All the World’s a Stage

Shakespeare’s lines from As You Like It have resonated with me during my presidency of the ADEE. I have delivered lectures to many meetings of the major national dental education societies around the world. I have met and talked with the presidents of these societies, and I have also had the privilege of meeting with younger faculty. They are eager to share best practices and look at how the same subject can be delivered in a different format whilst achieving the same learning outcomes. 

Supreme Court Case Hinges on the Meaning of Four Words in the ACA

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on March 4 in King v. Burwell, a case crucial to the survival of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The case challenges the validity of tax subsidies for consumers who buy their health insurance through exchanges run by the federal government rather than exchanges “established by the State.”

Montana House Passes Bill to Expand Medicaid

The Montana House approved, by a 54-46 margin, a bill to expand the state’s Medicaid program. The approved bill, SB 405, requires enrollees to pay premiums and co-pays as well as participate in job assessment programs.
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