Conference Overview

The 5th ADEA International Women’s Leadership Conference (ADEA IWLC) is a professional development opportunity for the global dental education community to foster global alliances and deliver leadership strategies that women can use to improve oral health and overall health in communities throughout the world.

Conference Goals and Themes

Conference goals and themes were developed based on needs identified by previous conference participants, and are as follows:

  • Cultivate a global discourse among women in dental education to improve oral health.
  • Identify and enhance the leadership potential of emerging women leaders.
  • Discuss trends in the oral health workforce, globally.
  • Promote oral health literacy worldwide.
  • Engage women in community oral health research.
  • Address cultural competency concepts in a global context.
  • Develop skills for women balancing career and family obligations.
  • Recognize the increased value of allied health careers in the health workforce.
  • Explore alternative careers for women in dentistry.
  • Encourage collaboration across health profession disciplines for better oral health outcomes.

Meeting Format

Leaders from the global community will preside at plenaries, working groups and skills-building sessions that will address themes related to gender and the roles of women leaders in dentistry worldwide. Session topics will focus on women’s leadership strategies and skills development to improve oral health and overall health in communities throughout the world. Poster and oral abstracts related to conference goals will complement session themes.

The official language of the conference is English. All presentations and papers must be in English.


  • Conference proceedings will be published in an issue or supplement of the Journal of Dental Education.
  • Noted conference plenaries will be made available online so that colleagues worldwide who could not attend may benefit from this professional leadership development experience.