Shaping the Future of Dental Education

Dates: May 08-09, 2017
Venue: King’s College London
Location: London, England

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ADEA and the Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) have a longstanding relationship based on a mutual desire for the advancement of dental education. While the organizations’ contextual environments and operational activities differ, the challenges that the associations and their respective memberships face are increasingly interrelated. To explore and investigate these areas of commonality, Shaping the Future of Dental Education will focus on areas of mutual interest and expose participants to the wider discussions occurring within the rapidly-changing world of international dental education.

During the meeting, attendees will:

  • Meet and share ideas with key leaders and experts.
  • Contribute to the development of best practices and position paper documents.
  • Debate, discuss and collaborate with international colleagues.

The meeting’s workshops will address four themes:

  1. Global Networking: The How and Why for Dental Educators
  2. Interprofessional Education: An Imperative for Dental Education
  3. The Impact of New Technological and Scientific Discoveries on Traditional Dental Education
  4. Assessment in a Global Context

Delegates will develop consensus or position papers on the selected themes. Members of ADEA and ADEE will be able to use these documents as a resource for responding to the challenges and opportunities they now face. The workshops will be jointly chaired by ADEE and ADEA members. 

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