2015 ADEAGies Foundation/AADR Academic Dental Careers Fellowship Program (ADCFP)

Program Overview and Goals

The ADEAGies Foundation/AADR Academic Dental Careers Fellowship Program (ADCFP) was created with the goal of providing students, residents and fellows with a window into the day-to-day experiences of faculty members in our academic dental institutions. By exposing students to the multifarious educational experiences at dental institutions, such as academics, clinical practice, biomedical, clinical and educational research and administration, the goal of nurturing a cadre of future dental educators can be realized

For the 2015-16 ADCFP, we are excited to announce a new program, initiated to increase the capacity of all dental schools in their efforts to create a broader “culture of inquiry” at their dental institutions. This new program is aimed at increasing the number of students and faculty members who can participate in the ADCFP and is based on feedback that we have gathered regarding the program over the past several years.

Details of the new ADCFP and information regarding applying to participate in the program will be announced early October 2014.

Any questions about the ADEAGies Foundation/AADR ADCFP or the application process should be directed to

Dr. Anthony Palatta
Senior Director for Educational Program Development