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Certiphi Screening, Inc. is excited to partner with the American Dental Education Association in developing the PASS Centralized Criminal Background Check Program. The program is designed to streamline the background check process for participating PASS programs and students applying to postdoctoral dental education programs; to lower screening costs for applicants; and to help ensure patient safety and compliance with state laws and regulations. The PASS program is launched during the 2011-2012 application cycle.


The background check conducted on applicants includes Social Security Number validation and verification; criminal record searches at the county, state and federal levels; a National Criminal Database search; a national sexual offender database search; OIG/GSA excluded parties lists; and SanctionsBase, a proprietary database comprised of disciplinary and administrative sanctions imposed by state and federal agencies. All searches are conducted using the applicant's name and address history information.


If you have questions about the program or would like to participate, please contact Suzi Arant at Certiphi Screening. Suzi can be reached at 888-260-1370, ext 2012 or


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