FAQs - Completing the ADEA PASS Application

This page has been designed to assist you, based upon questions that are most frequently asked. If after reviewing the FAQs you still have questions, contact ADEA PASS Customer Service.

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Application Questions

Q: When does ADEA PASS begin processing my application?
A: ADEA PASS begins making applications available to programs in June. Once your application is complete, your documents will be available to your designated programs electronically immediately.


Q: How can I update my email address within my ADEA PASS application?
A: When you log into your ADEA PASS application, go to "Account Information" under "My Tools."


Q: I copied my essay into the application, but it is not formatted the way I want. How can I format my essay?
A: We recommend that you use Microsoft Word or Notepad to type, copy, and paste your text into the essay space provided. Click "Preview" at the bottom of the screen to view the formatting of your essay before you submit your application to ADEA PASS. For further information, visit the Applicant Essay "Instructions for This Section" screen. Do not bold, italicize, or underline any of your text.


Q: I missed the deadline for several of my programs. Can I still apply to those programs?
A: If you designate an advanced education program after the deadline, ADEA PASS will still submit your application. If you believe your application may be delivered late to the advanced dental education program, we strongly recommend that you contact the program directly to confirm that your late application will be reviewed.


Q: I submitted my application. How do I make sure my application was received?A: ADEA PASS will send you an email notification upon receipt of your electronic application. Also, you MUST log in to your ADEA PASS application to monitor the status of your application and ensure that all of your required documents are received to complete your application.


Q: Once I have submitted my application, how can I make changes or corrections?
A: Applicants may update their biographic information, GRE scores, and TOEFL scores until the end of the application cycle. To do so, login to your application, provide the corrected (or new) information, and "save" that page. If your application has already been processed and sent to programs, revised information will be provided to the program(s) as an update your original application materials (overriding the earlier data). If you submit changes or corrections before application processing has begun, your revisions will be included in your application before it is distributed.


Q: What is the DENTPIN ®?
A: The DENTPIN® (DENTal Personal Identifier Number) is a unique personal identifier assigned by the American Dental Association to each applicant or student who is involved, or wishes to become involved, with the U.S. dental education system and/or standardized testing programs. The DAT, ADEA AADSAS and Texas application systems, ADEA PASS, Dental Match, ADEA CAAPID, an the National Board Dental Examination and the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination programs all use the DENTPIN® for identification of students and test-takers and for the confidential, secure reporting, transmission, and tracking of test scores and academic data.

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Test Scores

Q: If I do not have my TOEFL or GRE scores at the time I submit my application, will ADEA PASS continue to process my application?
 A: Yes. ADEA PASS will process the application without the TOEFL or GRE scores. You may make changes to this information in your ADEA PASS application until the end of the application cycle. After the end of the application cycle, all changes will have to be submitted directly to your selected programs.


Q: Should I have my National Board Dental Examination Score report sent directly to ADEA PASS?
A: No. Do not submit official National Board Dental Examination score results to ADEA PASS. ADEA PASS will report the National Board Dental Examination Score only if the dean or designee has reported the information directly on the Institution Evaluation Form; otherwise, this information will not be reported in your application. ADEA PASS does not return official National Board Dental Examination Score reports to applicants.


Q: Incorrect National Board Dental Examination Scores, GPA, and class rank were reported on my application. How can I make the necessary corrections?
A: Corrections or updates to the National Board Dental Examination Scores, GPA, and class rank must be submitted to ADEA PASS by the dean or designee on a revised Institution Evaluation Form. Please ask your dean to contact ADEA PASS at passinfo@passweb.org to obtain additional information on completing the revised Institution Evaluation Form.


Q: How do I obtain my Dental Match Code number?
A: Your Dental Match Code number will be the last 5 digits of your ADEA PASS identification number.

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Paper Professional (optional) & Institution Evaluation (required) Forms

Q: Can my paper Professional Evaluation Forms be sent separately from other required documents?

A: Yes. If the Professional Evaluation Forms are sent directly to ADEA PASS by evaluators, you may verify receipt of your evaluations by monitoring the status of your documents in the Status section of your ADEA PASS application. All paper required documents must be sent to:

ADEA PASS Processing Department
PO Box 9115
Watertown, MA 02471


Q: Can I submit paper evaluation forms?
A: We strongly encourage applicants to have their evaluators submit the forms electronically; however, we do accept paper evaluation forms.


Q: What will occur if my evaluator does not fill out the paper evaluation completely?
A: If your evaluator has not completed the evaluation form, your application process will be suspended and you will be contacted through your ADEA PASS application.


Q: If my evaluator is sending a paper evaluation by mail, will it show up on my ADEA PASS application portal summary screen?
A: When the evaluator submits a paper evaluation, it will appear on your ADEA PASS applicant portal summary screen once it has been received and processed in our office if you have entered the evaluator's name in your application.


Q: Can my evaluator submit a letter of evaluation in the place of the Professional Evaluation Form?
A: ADEA PASS will only accept and process Professional Evaluation Form(s). Any letters of evaluation received will not be processed. If required, letters of evaluation must be sent directly to the programs to which you are applying, not to ADEA PASS.


Q: I am a foreign applicant and cannot submit the Institution Evaluation Form. What should I do?
A: You must submit a Request for Exception Form if the U.S. or non-U.S. dental school from which you graduated has closed or you attended a non-U.S. dental school and cannot obtain an Institution Evaluation. You must enter an explanation statement in the ADEA PASS Request for Exception Form. This explanation will be processed with your ADEA PASS application and sent to your selected programs.

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Q: Should I forward my official predental transcripts to ADEA PASS?
A: ADEA PASS only accpets and processes dental school transcripts. If the program(s) to which you are applying requires other transcripts, send them directly to the program(s).


Q: Will ADEA PASS accept foreign dental school transcripts that have been evaluated by a transcript evaluation service?
A: Yes. ADEA PASS will accept dental school transcripts that have been evaluated by a transcript evaluation service (ECE or WES). All foreign transcripts must be translated into English, and the course-by-course evaluation must be submitted to ADEA PASS.


Q: I am an international dental graduate. What should I enter in the "Undergraduate/Graduate Colleges" section?
A: International applicants who attended dental school directly from secondary school must enter their dental school both as "undergraduate institution attended" and as "dental school attended."

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Additional Program Designations

Q: How do I apply to additional programs after I have submitted my ADEA PASS application?

A: Log into your ADEA PASS application and click on the Program Designations link in your Application Checklist. Seach for the new program(s), click the box to select the program(s), assign an essay and professional evaluations to your new programs, and save. Additional program designations are $70 each. Once all programs have been selected, click the "Pay Now" button to submit your Additional Program Designations.


Q: How long does it take to process additional programs I select after initially eSubmitting my application?
A: ADEA PASS processes Additional Program Designations as promptly as possible. If an Additional Program Designation is received prior to sending your ADEA PASS application to your originally designated programs and prior to the program deadline, and all Required Documents have been received by ADEA PASS, your application will be delivered to the program by its application deadline.

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ADEA PASS Customer Service
Email: passinfo@passweb.org
Phone: 617-612-2065
Customer Service Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Eastern time, except federal holidays.