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This page has been designed to assist you, based upon questions that are most frequently asked. If after reviewing the FAQs you still have questions, contact ADEA PASS Customer Service.

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eForms Questions

Q: What are eForms?
A: eForms comprise a library of electronic evaluation resources utilized by applicants and evaluators to request, track, and submit online Institution and Professional Evaluation Forms. The applicant must have a preferred email address for each evaluator in order to submit an eForm Professional Evaluation Form request.


Q: If I attended a dental school in my home country, and my school is not listed as a school that participates in eForms, how can my school be added to the list?
A: Tell the dean of your dental school about eForms. If your dean would like your dental school to participate in eForms, request that he or she contact ADEA PASS.


Q: I submitted my ADEA PASS application and my evaluation has not been completed. Can my application be re-opened to add another evaluation?
A: Yes, contact the Customer Service Department to have your application re-opened for any designation for which your application is not yet complete. You may delete the request to your evaluators only if the request status is shown as "New" (that is, not yet sent out). You cannot delete an evaluation if it is "In Progress" or "Complete." You will have the option to add an existing evaluator to this designation or add a new evaluator. You will then have to re-submit your application. (You will not have to submit your payment information again.)


Q: May I submit eForm evaluations and paper evaluations?
A: We encourage you to use ONLY eForm evaluations when customizing because you can directly control the matching of individual Professional Evaluation Forms with each designated program; however, you may submit a combination of eForm evaluations and paper evaluations if an eForm version of one or more Professional Evaluation Forms cannot be obtained.


Q: If my evaluator is sending a paper evaluation by mail, will it show up on my ADEA PASS application portal summary screen?
A: When the evaluator submits a paper evaluation, it will appear on your ADEA PASS Application portal summary screen as soon as it is received and processed.

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Q: After I submit a request for eForms Professional and Institution Evaluation Forms, how long does it take for the evaluator to receive a request to complete my evaluation?
A: Once you click the submit button, evaluators immediately receive an email requesting that they submit an evaluation on your behalf.


Q: Once I have submitted my request to evaluators, can I change my requests?
A: Yes. You may delete the request to your evaluators only if the request status is "New." You cannot delete an evaluation if it is "In Progress" or "Complete."


Q: I selected the incorrect waiver statement. How do I correct this error?
A: You can only change this if the evaluation status is "New." You may delete the evaluation request and submit a new request. The evaluator will receive an email notice stating that the evaluation has been deleted. The evaluator will then receive another evaluation request notification email if you submit a new evaluation request.


Q: How can I resend an eForms Professional Evaluation Form request to an evaluator?
A: Simply log in to your ADEA PASS application, go to the Professional Evaluation Form section, select the evaluator, and click the icon in the "Resend Email" column.


Q: How can I cancel my eForms evaluation request?
A: You can only cancel "New" eForm requests. Log into your ADEA PASS application and select Professional or Institution Evaluation Forms, and your summary list will appear. Click on the symbol in the Delete Column to the right of the evaluator's name.


Q: I am having problems with one of my eForms. I submitted a request and it is confirmed, but it never reaches the evaluator. What should I do?

A: It is possible that your evaluator has multiple email accounts in eForms. Request that your evaluator use the login information provided within the email. Otherwise, have your evaluator contact ADEA PASS at passinfo@passweb.org .

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Q: My evaluator is having difficulty using eForms. What are the proper steps that my evaluator should take to complete and submit the eForms evaluation?
A: The evaluator should contact ADEA PASS at passinfo@passweb.org and explain the situation. Be sure to request that your evaluator include his or her name and telephone number as well as your name.


Q: One of my evaluators informed me of a delay in completing my evaluation. Will ADEA PASS release my application to the programs as is and include the evaluation as soon as it is submitted?
A: ADEA PASS will release your application to the programs once you’ve e-submitted. As evaluations are marked as complete, they will be added to your application. Your application will not have a “Complete” status until all required documents are received; however, keep in mind that some programs will start to review applications that only have a “Received” status. Please contact your programs directly to determine whether they are able to review your application before this evaluation is received.


Q: One of my evaluators filled out eForms, but the website says that this evaluation is still "In Progress" on my application. What should I do?
A: Your evaluator should log in and make sure that all mandatory fields have been completed. If all fields have been completed, ask your evaluator to contact ADEA PASS at passinfor@passweb.org or 617-612-2065. ADEA PASS will work with the evaluator to resolve the situation.


Q: Can I submit my application before the evaluator has finished the evaluation?
A: Yes; however, we suggest that you periodically check the status of evaluation(s) by accessing your ADEA PASS application.


Q: Can I submit my application and mail the required documents to ADEA PASS while eForms are in progress?
A: Yes. You may access your eForms anytime throughout the application cycle.

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ADEA PASS Customer Service
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