Indiana University School of Dentistry

November 1

Dr. Melanie R. Peterson, MBA 
Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs 
Director, International Dentist Program
Office of Admissions and Student Affairs
Indiana University School of Dentistry
1121 West Michigan Street, Room 105
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: 317-274-8173
Fax: 317-278-9066

Please Note:

  • Applicants must complete online Graduate eApplication and pay the $60 processing fee in order for the application to be placed into review.
    Note: When completing the IUPUI Graduate eApplication, the external application number is the applicant's AADSAS ID.
  • Send all academic materials directly to AADSAS to complete your file.
  • The IU School of Dentistry cannot process transcripts, academic letters of recommendation or DAT score reports.
  • Academic letters of recommendation must be submitted as directed at our website or they will be rejected.


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