You may make revisions to this section any time during the application process. After February 15, 2014, submit all changes directly to your designated dental schools.


Applicants may submit a maximum of four individual Letters of Evaluation or one Committee Letter/Report plus the option of one additional individual letter.

Prior to providing names in the Evaluators Section of the ADEA AADSAS application, applicants should ask individuals if they are willing to serve as evaluators. If so, ask each evaluator if he or she wishes to provide the Letter of Evaluation to ADEA AADSAS electronically or prefers to provide a paper letter that is mailed to ADEA AADSAS. If the evaluator is sending a letter electronically, ADEA AADSAS needs the evaluator's email address so ADEA AADSAS can send a message to the evaluator that indicates the process for electronic submission.


In the 'Evaluators' Section of the ADEA AADSAS application, the applicant:

  • Indicates the individuals who will provide LOEs on his or her behalf
  • Indicates which format each evaluator will use, electronic or paper
  • Checks the appropriate box to indicate if the LOE is a Committee Letter/Report


If the evaluator prefers to submit an LOE electronically:

  • Applicant provides the evaluator's email address
  • As soon as the evaluator's name and email address are provided, the evaluator receives an email from ADEA AADSAS directing him or her to the ADEA AADSAS Evaluators Portal
  • The first time an evaluator enters the Evaluators Portal, the evaluator is asked to provide contact information
  • The evaluator follows simple step-by-step instructions for submitting the LOE. ADEA AADSAS can accept electronic LOEs in these formats: Microsoft Word (.doc), Portable Document Format (.pdf)


If the evaluator prefers to submit a paper LOE:

  • The applicant is prompted to print an LOE Matching Form that includes a special bar code
  • The applicant provides the LOE Matching Form to the evaluator, who attaches the form to his or her LOE and mails it to ADEA AADSAS at the address provided on the LOE Matching Form


How to Print the Letters of Evaluation Matching Form

  • Log in to your ADEA AADSAS application
  • Select "Evaluators (LOE Matching Form)" from the Application Checklist
  • Click "Add New Entry," select, "Paper," and enter all information for the evaluator who will submit a paper LOE (remember the "Email Address" field must be blank when adding a paper evaluation); once you have added the evaluation, you will be forwarded to the evaluation summary page; click on the icon in the column that reads "Print Paper Request" next to the evaluators name to download and print the PDF version of the Letter of Evaluation Matching Form
  • Submit the form to each evaluator; be sure to advise the evaluator to enclose the form with the letter and mail it directly to ADEA AADSAS



The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) provides applicants the right to access letters of evaluation written after January 1, 1975, unless they choose to waive their right of inspection and review. Prior to requesting an evaluation, ADEA AADSAS applicants are required to indicate if they wish to waive their rights to each evaluation.

NOTE: ADEA AADSAS does not release any LOEs to applicants, regardless of wavier status.


Applicant Authorization

 Within the Evaluator Section, applicants must agree to one of the following statements prior to submitting the evaluation request:

  • I waive my right of access to this evaluation. I understand that I will not be permitted to access this evaluation.

By "waiving your right to access," you do not have the right to read the evaluation once completed by the evaluator.

  • I do not waive my right of access" to this evaluation.

By not "waiving your right to access," you have the right to read the evaluation once completed by the evaluator. Please note that ADEA AADSAS however will not allow you to review the evaluation. Applicants will have to contact the designated dental school that their application was mailed to. Access will depend on the dental school whether to release the evaluation to you.

Occasionally, an applicant will forget to check the wavier box in the ADEA AADSAS application, even though the applicant has already signed a wavier with the evaluator or the health professions advising office.

If the applicant has indicated the wrong waiver status, the applicant must delete the evaluator, correctly re-enter the evaluator's name and other information, and Save. A new email indicating that you are again requesting an LOE will be sent by ADEA AADSAS to the evaluator. If submitting a paper LOE, the applicant must delete the evaluator, correctly re-enter the evaluator's information, print, and provide the evaluator with a new LOE Matching Form.


To begin adding evaluators, select "Add New Entry" in the Evaluators section of your AADSAS application:

Reference Type
Indicate whether your evaluator will submit an electronic or paper evaluation.

Indicate whether you will or will not waive your right to access letters of evaluation sent on your behalf.

Reference's Title
Indicate the appropriate prefix of your reference (e.g.,Dr., Mr., Ms.).

Evaluator's First Name
Enter the first name of your evaluator.

Evaluator's Last Name
Enter the last name of your evaluator.

Is this a Committee Letter?
Indicate if the letter of evaluation will be prepared by a committee.

Evaluator's School/Institution/Business
Enter the school, institutional, or business affiliation of the evaluator.

Evaluator's Email
Enter the email address of the evaluator. Contact the evaluator for the correct email address. 

 Evaluator's Street Address 1
Enter the address and street name of the evaluator.

Evaluator's Street Address 2
If needed, enter additional address information for the evaluator.

Evaluator's City
Enter the city name of the evaluator's address.

Evaluator's State
Select the state of the evaluator's address from the drop-down menu.

Evaluator's ZIP/Postal Code
Enter the ZIP code of the evaluator's address.

Evaluator's Country or Territory
Select the country or territory of the evaluator's address from the drop-down menu.