E-Submitting Your ADEA AADSAS Application

Review the checklist below again to ensure that you properly complete the ADEA AADSAS application process:


Did you...

Complete the sections labeled:

  • Biographic Information
  • Parent and Family Information
  • Background Information
  • Disadvantaged Status
  • Secondary (High) School Information
  • Colleges Attended/Coursework (Transcript Matching Form)
  • Canadian DAT Scores

Complete all sections of Professional Experience:

  1. Academic Enrichment Programs
  2. Awards, Honors, Scholarships
  3. Dentistry Experience:Paid/Volunteer/Job Shadowing
  4. Extracurricular/Volunteer/Community Service
  5. Research Experience
  6. Work Experience


  • Personal Statement
  • Evaluators (LOE Matching Form)
  • Release Statement
  • Dental School Designations
  • Apply to the Fee Assistance Program (FAP) (if applicable)
    • Submit FAP Coversheet with all required documents to ADEA AADSAS

Please note that applicants applying to the Fee Assistance Program (FAP) should not eSubmit their ADEA AADSAS application until they have received a decision on their FAP application. Applicants that eSubmit their ADEA AADSAS application while a FAP decision is still pending will no longer be eligible for the Fee Assistance Program.


If you were approved for Fee Assistance, be sure that you've only selected one dental school designation. Once you have completed eSubmitting your ADEA AADSAS application and using the waiver, you will be allowed to apply to additional designations.

Print and use an "ADEA AADSAS Transcript Matching Form" to accompany each of your official transcript requests?

Print and use the "ADEA AADSAS Letter of Evaluation Matching Form" to accompany each of your paper evaluation letters?

Enter all of your U.S., U.S. Overseas, and Canadian coursework from your transcripts?

Enter your entire International (foreign,non-U.S.) coursework from your transcripts?

Review your application for accuracy?

Print a copy of your completed application for your personal records?

Send payment to ADEA AADSAS?

Dental School Admission Checklist

If required by the dental school, did you...

Submit a supplemental application and fee directly to the dental school?

After eSubmitting Your ADEA AADSAS Application

ADEA AADSAS Application Cycle
The ADEA AADSAS application cycle begins on June 3, 2013 for Fall 2014 enrollment.You may start your ADEA AADSAS applicationas soon as it is available.


To ensure you meet every deadline, check the deadline for each designated dental school you plan to apply to. The first dental school application deadline is early September, and the last dental school application deadline is February 3, 2014. The 2014 ADEA AADSAS application cycle closes on February 3, 2014.

What's Next?
ADEA AADSAS considers your application complete and begins processing after the following are received:

  1. Complete ADEA AADSAS application ADEA AADSAS Application for the 2014 Entering Class.
  2. One official transcript from every college and university attended mailed directly to ADEA AADSAS from the institution's registrar's office.
  3. Application fee payment (credit card via online application, check, or money order).

ADEA AADSAS does not hold up the processing of your application if your letters of evaluation have not arrived.

Allow 4-6 weeks for application processing.


Monitoring the Status of Your ADEA AADSAS Application

You can check the status of many items in your application, including the date(s) transcript(s) and letters of evaluation are received by ADEA AADSAS, when your transcripts have been verified and GPAs have been computed, and when your application information has been sent to dental schools, both electronically and in printed form.

Important messages can also be sent to you by ADEA AADSAS either through email or through your application.

If you have questions that cannot be answered by reading the ADEA AADSAS Instructions or FAQs or by monitoring your application status online, you can contact Customer Service, either by phone 617-612-2045 or by email (aadsasinfo@aadsasweb.org).