Disadvantaged Status

You will not be able to revise this section after e-submitting your ADEA AADSAS application. Review your entriescarefully before submitting.

Completing this section is optional. Many dental schools appreciate the fact that some applicants have overcome obstacles on the path to their goals. You are welcome to provide any information and describe any background experiences that may have put you at an educational, social, or economic disadvantage as you prepare to apply to dental schools.

Many dental schools seek to identify applicants who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. If you identify yourself as disadvantaged, answer the questions in this section.

Do you wish to be considered a disadvantaged applicant by any of your designated dental schools that may consider such factors (social, economic, or educational)? ( Yes/No)

If "Yes," please answer the following questions:

Provide any additional information about your background that can help clarify your disadvantaged student status.Enter an explanation.
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Childhood Residence

In what area did you spend the majority of your life from birth to age eighteen?
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Provide a brief description of your childhood residence.Please limit your answer to 250 characters.

U.S. Specific Information

Do you believe that this area was medically/dentally underserved?
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Have you or members of your immediate family ever used federal or state assistance programs?
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What was the income level of your family during the majority of your life from birth to age eighteen?
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Did you have paid employment prior to age eighteen?
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Were you able to contribute to the overall family income(as opposed to working primarily for your own discretionary spending money)?
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How many people lived in your primary household duringthe majority of your life from birth to age eighteen?
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Education Funding Sources

How have you paid or did you pay for your post-secondary education? For each of the applicable options, indicate the average percentage contribution toward your post-secondary education.
Enter average percentage contributions in these fields (e.g., 35.5%for academic scholarship). The percentages entered should total100%.

Did you graduate from a high school from which a low percentage of seniors graduated, or a low percentage of students went to college?
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Did the high school you attended have many students eligible for free or reduced price lunches?
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