Academic Update

Updating Your Coursework

After initially e-submitting your ADEA AADSAS application, you may want to update your college coursework history to reflect newly completed or planned/in progress courses. ADEA AADSAS provides the opportunity to update coursework during the Academic Update from mid November to early February. Approximately 30 days prior to the Academic Update period, applicants will receive an email message from ADEA AADSAS, providing specific instructions on how to update coursework information.

During the Academic Update period, applicants can supply grades earned for courses that were listed in the "Course Planned/InProgress" section of the application, and can add/delete/modify courses listed in that section.

Course Subject

Use your best judgment to classify your courses as English,  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Other Science (Sciences other than biology-chemistry-physics), or Non Science. Use these examples as guidelines.

Be sure to submit an official transcript reflecting new grades that are added during the Academic Update. All new grades will be verified and new ADEA AADSAS GPA's computed and made available to your designated dental schools.

How to Complete the Academic Update

Specific instructions on how to update courses are sent via email to ADEA AADSAS applicants approximately 30 days prior to the Academic Update period. The Academic Update period runs from mid November to February 2, 2015.

Reporting Grade Changes

Occasionally, applicants report that a grade has been changed on a transcript that has already been verified. This can occur when a grade has been successfully appealed or when a recording error occurred at the college/university.

To report grade changes to ADEA AADSAS, contact ADEA Customer Service by phone 617-612-2045 or email for further instructions. Grade changes that are the result of removal of Incomplete or Deferred grade changes can be updated only during the Academic Update period.


Please review GPA Calculations for important information.